david wilshire (b.1943) is a disgraced former conservative mp for spelthorne, surrey between 1987-2010. wilshire proposed section 28 in its first instance. he is also known for voting for the iraq war and against national minimum wage.
in 2009. wilshire was incriminated for using £105,000 of parliamentary expenses to fund a company he owned with his partner. he announced that he wouldn’t be standing for re-election soon after this was brought to public attention.
the pregenual anterior cingulate cortex is part of the human brain. it is seated in the left celebral hemisphere. it is responsible for ...

                                          decision-making, morality
                                                       and shame
monkeypox is a viral infection which causes fever and a body rash lasting a few weeks. the majority of cases of monkeypox are in gay and bisexual men. it is possible to die from monkeypox.
the monkeypox vaccine was administered in the uk through the nos, with 68,000 people having been vaccinated as of November 2022.
the vaccine is given in two doses. it is known to be 78% effective.
section 28, part of the local government act, was enacted in 1988. legislation that criminalised the promotion of homosexuality; a law that was designed to invalidate gay men and their experience of life. born in 2002, the year before section 28 was repealed, joss grew up in the shadow of the legislation. section 28’s legacy is one of shame, naturally lending itself to self-destructive behaviours. 21 years aims to rupture the confines of this shame and instead promote sex positivity. joss explores the extent of these feelings within the norms of everyday experiences and the ways in which we choose to present ourselves, embedded within much deeper sentiments of the self such as loneliness, disgust and embarrassment.
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