joss copeman (b.2002)
image by Jack Halford, all rights reserved
joss copeman’s work considers queer politics, notions of the self and consumption in post-capitalist society. using primarily lens-based methods such as fine-art photographic practice, vernacular photography and computer scans, joss places himself in many of his images, bringing into question and mocking the ways in which we present ourselves. the decision to include himself in the work also poses questions about representation, objectivity and reality.
co-founder of switch collective
usw ba photography 2020-2023
06.21-12.21 shutterhub yearbook, online (the art of seduction)
05/06.22 'grwp' cardiff umbrella x fringe arts bath, milsom place, bath, uk
06.22-12.22 shutterhub yearbook, online (aquaphilia artefacts)
09.22 'subsurface' (group), published by university of south wales, cardiff, isbn: 978 1 909838 62 8
image by @jackhalphotography ©​​​​​​​
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